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Here’s a list of benefits private insurance won’t be allowed to cover if Kamala Harris has her way

Sen. Kamala Harris, has been trying to have it both ways on healthcare, claiming she supports the “Medicare for all” plan proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, while also insisting she opposes getting rid of private insurance. This is an untenable position. As I’ve noted time and again, Section 10 of the Sanders bill bars private… Read More »

50 Secrets Surgeons Won’t Tell You

It’s always interesting to hear what people say when you’re giving them anesthesia iStock/czardases “I once had a guy who was a horse trainer who started going on about how this one horse was a sure thing to win. One of the nurses collected money from everyone in the operating room and bet on the… Read More »

“I Tried Moontime Reusable Pads — Now I Won’t Go Back To The Regular Kind”

Moontime reusable pads. Why would – or should – you bother? Well, besides the fact that they’re A) Good for your body. Unlike regular pads and tampons, they’re made from natural materials free from chemicals, plastics, glues, synthetic fibres and bleaches, which lowers the risk of rashes, irritation and infection. B) They’re good for the… Read More »