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Can You Afford Sleep? These Companies Are Waking Up with a Strategy!

“24/7 Society” Loses Sleep over Sleep Disorders – The Silent Killer Ignored for Decades Woman with Sleep IssuesGetty Images Every year, Frost & Sullivan celebrates #WorldSleepDay to raise awareness of sleep as a necessity that is often compromised by the habits of modern life and shares the most impactful insights. When 1 billion people suffer… Read More »

SickKids study finds blood tests alone may be effective strategy for detecting cancer relapse in certain patients

For most cancer patients, medical tests and examinations don’t end with the completion of therapy, even if their cancer has gone into remission. They will be due for several follow-up appointments, which can include blood tests, imaging tests and other exams as part of a surveillance protocol to detect possible relapse. One of the regular… Read More »