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Dentist's weird trick if your kid loses an adult tooth – but you need to be brave

Kids will get themselves into all sorts of scrapes. Cuts, bruises, sprains, lumps, bumps, stings – it’s all part and parcel of them exploring their world and learning along the way. For a lot of these, it’s nothing a plaster, some disinfectant and a cuddle can’t sort out. However, there may come a time when… Read More »

Former gymnast loses leg, arm to toxic shock syndrome as family asks for prayers

Anna Norquist, pictured with her family, is fighting for her life after coming down with what she thought was the flu. (GoFundMe) The family of a 30-year-old former gymnast is asking for continued prayers as their daughter, who initially thought she was coming down with the flu earlier this month, fights for her life as… Read More »