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Here’s a list of benefits private insurance won’t be allowed to cover if Kamala Harris has her way

Sen. Kamala Harris, has been trying to have it both ways on healthcare, claiming she supports the “Medicare for all” plan proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, while also insisting she opposes getting rid of private insurance. This is an untenable position. As I’ve noted time and again, Section 10 of the Sanders bill bars private… Read More »

This doctor paid off $200,000 in student loans in 19 months. Here’s how.

There are some milestones that need to be appropriately celebrated.  For the 80% of physicians who graduated with student loan debt, paying those loans off certainly qualifies as such a moment.  Everyone has a different way of tackling their student loans.  Today, I want to outline how we paid off $ 200,000 in student loans… Read More »