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This Celebrity Trainer Wants You To Ask Yourself These Fitness Questions

When it comes to fitness it’s easy to get stuck in the “more is better” mentality. Especially when you enjoy exercise and love a challenge, it’s easy to get used to the idea of multiple workouts a day or pushing yourself really hard every time you workout. But, if you start feeling unaccomplished at the… Read More »

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5 Grueling Sports that Will Challenge Your Fitness Level

Do you want to test how strong your body is? You may be a competitive athlete or just a weekend warrior, engaging in extreme sports can be a form of active leisure. It won’t only challenge your fitness, but it will also give your fears a nudge. And as a bonus, you get to socialize… Read More »

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3 Roadblocks LGBTQ Women Face in Fitness Spaces

You wouldn’t think that sexual orientation has any influence on physical activity levels, especially if you identify as heterosexual — but the unfortunate reality is that it can, and often does. Being a “sexual minority” is like belonging to an effectively invisible minority group, meaning that unless your sexual orientation is disclosed people will often… Read More »

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