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Medical News Today: Fish slime: An answer to antibiotic resistance?

As antibiotic resistance continues to make headlines, researchers are ramping up their search for ways to turn the tide. A recent study focuses on fish slime. A recent study investigates whether the slimy coating of fish could have antibiotic powers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), antibiotic resistance is “one of… Read More »

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Mexican tetra fish may offer heart repair clues

A fish that can repair its heart may hold clues for future treatments in people, according to a study. Scientists studying the Mexican tetra fish found three areas of the fish genome were involved in its ability to regenerate heart tissue. One gene appeared to play a particularly key role in the process. Researchers hope… Read More »

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Extensive studies give mixed news on fish oil, vitamin D

Taking fish oil or vitamin D? Big studies give long-awaited answers on who does and does not benefit from these popular nutrients. Fish oil taken by healthy people, at a dose found in many supplements, showed no clear ability to lower heart or cancer risks. Same for vitamin D. But higher amounts of a purified,… Read More »

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