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What is Bikram Yoga? 26 Pure Bikram Yoga Poses and Its Benefits

Yoga is one of the exercises that help in keeping body healthy, fit and free from most of the health issues. Yoga is followed in India from ancient times and practiced by most of the famous people to maintain their fitness. It is done completely with hands or legs and there is no requirement of… Read More »

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Benefits Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation a process in which low level electrically induced patches are used to contract the muscles in the body — a favourite way of focusing on a specific muscle group in health and fitness. This is a result of the technological development which has occurred in recent times. The EMS is used in… Read More »

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7 Bikram Yoga Benefits That Will Change Your Life Forever

Bikram yoga is essentially the same 26 posture so every time you go into the room which is also set at 105 degrees you’ll do these pure Bikram yoga 26 postures. So one of the things that are really nice about this is, of course, you have the chance to do it over and over… Read More »

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