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Ebola death toll in Congo reaches 410 as expert warns locals 'don't believe the killer virus exists'

Ebola death toll jumps again: Officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo reveal 410 people have now died as expert warns locals ‘aren’t seeking help because they don’t believe the killer virus exists’ Laurie Garrett said cases keep ‘popping up unexpectedly out of thin air’ The expert blames locals and the behaviour, as conflict rages… Read More »

Shaving Makes Your Beard Grow Faster and Three Other Facial Hair Myths You Probably Still Believe

— Are you trying to grow out your first real beard? Great. Like most men, you would probably want to make it grow a little faster naturally, and to do that, the first thing you need to do is to eliminate your incorrect beliefs about facial hair; the beard myths. Let’s begin. 1. Shaving Makes… Read More »